Granite Place

Granite Place | Versatech MechanicalGranite place is a high-rise residence comprised of two buildings which share a common lobby. Existing cooling was provided by two separate chiller plants.

This project involved piping between the towers to construct a system which utilizes one plant to provide cooling to both towers. This new plant eliminated the need for several pumps, and replaced others with low-consumption models modulated by VFD control. An all variable-speed cooling plant using a SMARDT magnetic-bearing centrifugal chiller featuring CPECS chiller plant optimization panel was installed for optimal efficiency.

This innovative chiller plant solution qualified for $100,000 in rebates and will have a payback of less than 10 years! Completed in summer of 2011.

Sharrei Shomayim Congregation

Sharrei Shomayim Congregation | Versatech MechanicalThis project included replacing the coils in the existing dual-duct air distribution system using characterized control valves, a complete building automation system, an all variable-speed cooling plant featuring a SMARDT magnetic-bearing centrifugal chiller, and an Evapco induced draft tower. The old condenser piping was notably corroded and was replaced with a new CPVC condenser line. Completed in summer of 2011.